Iteris, the Californian-based provider of hardware, software, and consulting services for smart mobility infrastructure management has been awarded a $3.7 million contract from the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) for a multi-year regional traffic signal timing project.

The population of southern California’s Orange County is expected to increase 13% by 2035 and to ease growing traffic demands, OCTA, the California Department of Transportation, the County of Orange and all 34 cities “are working together to coordinate traffic lights across the county” says Iteris.

The programme will significantly reduce countywide travel time, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while improving safety, mobility, reliability, and overall travel experience for all road users, including vehicles, buses, bicycles and pedestrians. “And by reducing delays and stops on key corridors for passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles, the project will help reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, which in turn will contribute to sustainable environmental and air quality improvements,” says Iteris.

Under the project agreement, Iteris will provide operations and infrastructure improvements at key intersections. Work includes identifying upgrades for traffic signal equipment, intelligent transportation system equipment and communication infrastructure, designing and constructing traffic signal system improvements, and developing and implementing optimised traffic signal synchronization timing plans throughout the cities of Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Tustin, Westminster, and the County of Orange.

As part of the operations and maintenance phase of the program, Iteris will apply traffic data and analytics from the mobility intelligence capabilities of its ClearMobility Platform to optimise traffic management operations on an ongoing basis. Iteris will:

  • monitor the health and safety of intersections, and arterial travel times and reliability
  • identify and prioritise signal optimisations and arterial retiming efforts
  • identify congestion hotspots
  • understand how highway traffic impacts surrounding arterials

“We are proud to continue to support OCTA’s goal of improving the safety and mobility of road users by leading this traffic signal timing and infrastructure upgrade program,” said Bernard Li, vice president, Mobility Consulting Solutions at Iteris. “This initiative represents the continued expansion of Iteris’ mobility consulting services across the west coast, and will ultimately help to increase the value and effectiveness of the region’s existing transportation infrastructure, while also improving safety, air quality and reducing fuel consumption.”