Picture: Tesla

Tesla has now pushed for software that enables some of its electric cars to be able to avoid potential damage for potholes. This is as a result of the cars having road scanning abilities. The 2022.20 software update allows supported Tesla models to adjust the suspension to prevent issues when travelling over the roads. It is specific to models with adaptive suspension such as the Tesla Model X and the latest Model S.  

The software uses road map data that has been gathered from its fleet over the years and Tesla have said that “Tesla’s adaptive suspension will now adjust ride height for upcoming rough road sections”.  

“This adjustment may occur at various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by Tesla vehicles”  

Telsa users are able to turn on the new feature through updating the software in their vehicle and using their vehicle instruments to access the settings.  

Pothole avoidance is only oine of the new development projects that Tesla hopes to introduce. Adapting to road conditions is just one of the many projects Tesla is introducing to push towards a self-driving sustainable solution. 

Tesla took to the stage at the IdeenExpo in Hanover, Germany, to display an interesting Solar Trailer. The manufacturer does not offer solar powered EVs, although this is set to become a feature in the future. Tesla have decided to place the panels on a small trailer before putting them on its EVs, without any explanation, leaving consumers slightly confused.  

At the tech fair, Tesla had brought a solar range extender trailer with star link to its stand with no explanation as to why it was there or also, what its use was. However, it is easy to picture the trailer being towed behind an EV, and when the destination is reached, the panels will be able to charge the vehicle or maybe be able to charge other appliances for camping needs. 

The Tesla project is small and compact; however, it does not necessarily fit the sleek and smart profile that the car manufacturer has given its customers in the past. It is intriguing as to what the manufacturer will announce for its use, as now the mystery is exciting.  

Along with pothole avoidance, solar panels are a potential project to push forward the innovative projects put forward by Tesla.