British zero emissions truck company Tevva has opened a new research and development location at MIRA Technology Park in Warwickshire.

Having a base at the MIRA technology park, says Tevva, will give it access to the site’s specialist engineering and testing capabilities including extensive crash testing, climatic, dynamics, and aerodynamic resources.

It will also give Tevva “more opportunities to partner with engineers and researchers working at the cutting edge of EV technology”.

Tevva’s zero emission trucks are battery electric but feature a unique hydrogen fuel cell range extender. Tevva describes the fuel cell as “liberator of the battery, not its nemesis. Hydrogen and batteries are not alternatives to each other but partners in achieving an ideal solution,” it says. “Batteries are the most efficient, lowest cost and lowest carbon option, but they are heavy and relatively slow to re-charge. Hydrogen is less cost efficient and less carbon efficient, but extremely lightweight and fast to replenish.”

Tevva’s fuel cell range extender operates only as much as is needed to supplement the grid-charged battery on any given day. Software predicts the daily energy need and if needed runs the fuel cell at a constant, efficient power setting to feed the necessary additional energy into the battery over the course of the working day.

“MIRA Technology Park is second to none when it comes to automotive engineering and testing,” says Ken Scott, Tevva’s Chief Engineer. “Our trucks, both now and in the future, will undergo development there. Having our base there makes perfect sense as a physical presence will help us develop our technologies more rapidly. It also means lower overall costs for our research and development.”

Tim Nathan, Managing Director of MIRA Technology Park says, “We’re delighted to be supporting Tevva with the development of its pioneering electric truck, providing engineering and test consultancy from concept design through to final validation.

“The unique combination of engineering expertise, advanced testing facilities and prime location in the heart of the UK automotive industry, ensures Tevva can develop and validate their vehicles in one place.”

Tevva has been expanding rapidly, with the company raising $57 million last November to help it start production.

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