Picture: UFODrive

UFODrive announced the launch of its first U.S. city on August 4, starting with San Francisco. The electric vehicle rental has seen rapid growth in 20 cities across Europe already. Now, Bay area residents and visitors can book and drive Teslas in minutes from the UFODrive app 

The rental experience with UFODrive is keyless and contactless, and the company said it is transforming the way we rent and unlocking the potential of EVs.  

“In only a few years, we’ve helped customers drive 15 million fully electric miles. Behind the scenes we try to solve every anxiety and make the enhanced electric driving experience a reality for our customers,” said Aidan McClean, CEO & co-founder of UFODrive. 

“We wanted to make rental less painful and pioneer the shift to electric, but our customer ratings consistently tell us it’s radically better.” 

UFODrive’s expertise has won multiple awards and to accelerate its North American expansion by partnering with Inspiration Fleet, an EV-only fleet management company.  

“Our strategic acquisition and financing partnership will allow UFODrive to scale nationwide at pace,” said Josh Green, founder and CEO of Inspiration Mobility. “Together, we will supercharge the transition to sustainable mobility in the rental market and beyond.” 

UFODrive San Francisco is now live downtown. A full fleet will be active by the end of August, with additional expansion to other cities planned for the fall.