New trains on the Vienna metro will be the first to feature a new digital passenger information and guidance system developed by Siemens Mobility.

The dynamic and visual presentation of information in the new X-car carriages are designed to make the use of mass transit in the city easier and more convenient. Screens inside the car above each train door display provide passengers with real-time information about further routes and connections at the next station.

“With the new X-car, the Viennese are getting a state-of-the-art metro car that provides all the latest information right where they need it. We are proud to be the first public transport company in the world to offer this service,” said Alexandra Reinagl, Managing Director of Wiener Linien.

The new Passenger Info Plus system has been developed by Siemens Mobility, tailored by Wiener Linien to meet the special public transport requirements in Vienna.

Screens above each door inside the X-car display relevant, continually updated information for the passengers. Screens above doors that will open at the next station show the direction of the station’s exits, other lines for transfers, and departure times for those lines.

Screens above the doors opposite the platform side display a digital metro network map and the train’s current position. The dynamic map shows the train’s position, direction of travel, next stop, and important transfer options. Additional information, such as the current status of other metro lines, or out-of-service elevators, can also be displayed on both sides of the car.

The X-car is currently undergoing extensive tests in preparation for its upcoming operating certification.