Lime has officially launched its Gen4 e-bikes in Washington DC, following small-scale pilots in several cities in 2021. They will arrive in more cities around the world this spring.

The most significant advancement is the swappable, interchangeable battery, that is shared with Lime’s Gen4 e-scooters.

With a standardised swappable battery between vehicle types, Lime operations teams are able to replace dead batteries on any e-bike or e-scooter, reducing van trips and saving the energy otherwise required for transporting heavy vehicles.

Additional upgrades to the e-bike include increased motor power and an integrated phone holder.

Wayne Ting, CEO of Lime, says, “The launch of our Gen4 e-bike is an important step toward achieving our mission of building a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. Standardising our swappable batteries across modes is a leap forward for Lime and the broader micromobility industry, making operations more efficient and sustainable, while improving reliability for riders.

“In 2021,” he adds “we saw massive jumps in Lime e-bike use in cities, helping to fuel a welcome e-bike boom globally. We’re excited for city residents around the world to try the Gen4 as a great way to leave the car behind.”