Swedish full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, Volta Trucks, is to launch four new fully electric commercial vehicles by 2024 and expects to produce more than 27,000 electric trucks annually from 2025.

Building upon its Volta Zero model launched last Autumn – a 16-tonne commercial vehicle designed for inner-city last mile deliveries – the company plans to expand its product line with three additional variants in the medium/lower-end of the heavy-duty class: 7.5-tonne, 12-tonne, 16-tonne and 19-tonne.

Volta says the first 16-tonne “pilot fleet” vehicles will be delivered by the end of 2021, with series production starting around 12 months afterwards. The vehicle, it says, is currently in the engineering development phase, with early prototype testing due to start shortly.

The 19-tonne and mid-size 12-tonne variants will be offered in 2023, with the smaller 7.5-tonne vehicles expected to start production in late 2024.

Also wrapped up in Volta’s Road-to-Zero emissions strategy is the launch of its Truck-as-a-Service (“TaaS”) proposition, which the company hopes will “revolutionise the financing and servicing of commercial vehicle fleets”. TaaS will offer fleet managers a “frictionless way to electrify their fleets”, with a monthly fee providing access to a Volta Zero, and all of its servicing, maintenance, insurance and training requirements.

Volta says it will also adopt a network manufacturing strategy with a number of assembly facilities distributed across its key geographies, minimising unnecessary transportation and cost.