Zinc8 has announced that they have backing from the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer for Zinc8 to establish a manufacturing facility in Ulster, New Yorks former TechCity Site location.  

The senator has connected with the CEO of Zin8 Energy Solutions, Ron MacDonald, to consider the Town of Ulster as a potential site for a manufacturing facility and cement the state of New York’s leadership as an emerging global battery manufacturing hub. 

The infrastructure Investment and jobs act which was signed into law in 2021 and has set aside $6 billion for federal incentives meant to expand capabilities of the U.S based battery material research and development, bolster domestic battery production, and shore up the American supply chain in an industry often reliant on foreign imports. 

“Zinc8 is evaluating potential manufacturing sites in the Northeastern US and have been very impressed with the locations and related facilities in New York,” said Ron MacDonald, CEO of Zinc8 Energy Solutions.  

“Having the support of Senator Schumer for our company and technology will weigh heavily on our decisions on where to locate our first major production facility.” 

The carbon reduction policies and programs of the Biden Administration and the State of New York are instrumental for companies such as Zinc8 to bring leading edge clean energy solutions to full commercialisation and the well-paying sustainable employment in the new green economy.