A new report reveals The Hague in the Netherlands to offer the cheapest e-bike daily rental. The report from personal finance experts money.co.uk shows there is significant variation in daily rental rates even within the same country. In nearby Amsterdam, for instance, the daily charge is nearly ten times greater than in The Hague, suggests the research.

The Cycle Cities report compared 40 global cities and in terms of e-bike rental costs, the best value cities are:

  1. The Hague, Netherlands (£2.56 daily hire charge)
  2. Madison, United States (£10.78/day)
  3. Brisbane, Australia (£12.20/day)
  4. Cluj-Napoca, Romania (£15.65/day)
  5. Prague, Czech Republic (£16.76/day)
  6. Limassol, Cyprus (£17.03/day)
  7. Luxembourg, Luxembourg (£17.10/day)
  8. Vienna, Austria (£19.59/day)
  9. Valencia, Spain (£21.29/day)
  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands (£21.46/day)


The report also presents a Cycle-Friendly Index, which allows for cycling laws, the number of mapped bike paths per resident, pollution levels, topography and average annual temperatures/rainfall levels.

From this assessment, money.co.uk rates the world’s ten most friendly bike cities (ranked on a maximum possible score of 280) to be:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark (216)
  2. Tallinn, Estonia (210)
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands (209)
  4. Helsinki, Finland (201)
  5. Tel Aviv, Israel (192)
  6. Oslo, Norway (185)
  7. Adelaide, Australia (185)
  8. Perth, Australia (183)
  9. Canberra, Australia (177)
  10. Valencia, Spain (173)