Green Connections Radio officially relaunched as Electric Ladies podcast in an announcement from CEO Joan Michelson at today’s MOVE conference in Austin, Texas. The podcast producer, based in the Washington DC, runs interviews about energy and sustainability innovation with top women leaders across every industry.

Electric Ladies guests include Fortune 500 C-suite executives, top government and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and journalists. Topics range from technologies to transportation, fashion, buildings, data analytics, policy, and ESG investing.

Michelson is today moderating a panel at MOVE on “Innovative business models to make mobility more equitable” with Payam Safa, CEO of Obi, Rodolfo Dieck, Managing Director of Proeza Ventures, and Carey Anne Nadeau, Co-CEO of Loop.

“I’m delighted to announce the launch of our podcast rebrand as Electric Ladies. The new website has all my 300+ podcast interviews, hundreds of articles from Forbes and in other outlets, and information about our coaching programs. These help people stay abreast of how top players are transitioning us to a clean energy economy. We give valuable, nuanced career advice in each episode too, especially for women.”

Renowned media coach and author of the bible for audio talent, “Beyond Powerful Radio,” Valerie Geller says, “Articulate, passionate, and driven, Joan Michelson brings sharp intelligence and wit to these conversations that cover the full range of issues, not just problems, but solutions for women, the environment and all things to make life better for all.”