Young start-up, Automotus, has just closed a $9 million seed round to advance its automated curb management solution. 

The company claims that its technology can reduce congestion and emissions by up to 10%, reduce double-parking hazards by 64%, increase parking turnover by 26%, and increase parking revenue for cities by more than 500%. 

Currently, Automotus works with cities such as Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Omaha and Bethlehem to automate payments for vehicle unloading and parking, enforce curb violations and manage preferred loading zones and discounted rates for commercial EVs. 

Installing the right hardware is an important element in collecting data for the startup. In its partner cities, the company deploys cellular-enabled cameras equipped with Automotus’s proprietary computer vision technology.  

The cameras are placed onto traffic and streetlights in areas where you might see plenty of loading and unloading or in zero emissions delivery zones. 

With the company’s technology, the camera collects images of license plates and issues invoices for parking or sends out citations if the vehicle has not been compliant with the city laws and regulations. 

Source: TechCrunch