Micromobility provider Beam has unveiled its latest e-scooter, the Saturn 5, and is bringing it to Wellington to replace the capital’s 400 existing Beam e-scooters. 

“Ahead of the e-bike trials (Beam Apollo) scheduled to begin soon, we see this as a great time to introduce an upgrade to the e-scooters Wellington residents get to use,” says Beam’s ANZ general manager Tom Cooper. “The Saturn 5 e-scooter was developed particularly for mature e-scooter markets, catering for longer commuting journeys with features like wireless phone charging and auditory alerts, as well as improved geo-fencing capabilities to ensure safe operation of micromobility alongside other modes of transport.” 

It has been reported that 40% of Beam riders are more likely to consider public transport as an option for long journeys if they had the option to rely on e-scooters and e-bikes for first and last mile transport. 

The all-new Saturn 5 features an upgraded IoT feeding off information gathered from the vehicles own systems as well as satellites.  

Beam states that the result is centimetre-perfect position accuracy, ensuring riders remain inside local council and government-approved micromobility vehicle use zones, and swift action as the rider moves between zones with differing restrictions. 

The company has also highlighted the e-scooter’s new generation audio messaging feature which will give riders safety reminders and riding zone changes which will be delivered audibly.  

Also included in the Saturn 5 is up to 120km of battery life as well as the option for hardware upgrades. This will be for safety, inclusiveness and durability along with larger front and back wheels, which will also be available in the upgrade.