EVgo inc, one of the largest public fast charging network of electric vehicles, and luxury brand Cadillac, have announced a partnership that will offer drivers of the Cadillac 2023 LYRIQ, the option of two years of unlimited fast charging on EVgo’s network.

The partnership has given drivers the option of either two years unlimited charging on EVgos network, or instead, home charger installation credit. The collaboration aims to make the experience of owning a EV easier by developing this special charging offer.

Cadillac is one of the most recent brands to have collaborated with the ever expanding EVgo. This partnership will see greater accessibility to charging points for customers. This will place the company as the most sort after network-of-choice for EV charging and one of the front runners for the electrification of vehicles.

EVgo prides itself in its charging points being powered by 100% renewable energy, which comes together with Cadillacs commitment to sustainability. This provides a great option for drivers who are environmentally conscious.

CEO of EVgo, Cathy Zoi, has said “An exciting new car like the LYRIQ merits an exciting new charging offer like this one made possible by Cadillac working together with EVgo. Cadillac is demonstrating how to be ahead of the curve by treating charging as a cornerstone of the EV buying experience from the onset. We’re thrilled to serve as a go-to charging destination for LYRIQ drivers and continue delivering reliable, world-class experiences that automakers need to make available to their customers.”

Furthermore, the agreement between Cadillac and EVgo expands on an earlier collaboration with EVgo and GM, which plans to build 3,250 high powered DC fast charging stalls through 2025. This programme aims to speed up the widespread EV adoption and increase public access to charging points.

As of today, EVgo’s public charging is able to charge in a variety of convenient locations for the consumer. These locations include: grocery stores, shopping malls, retail locations and many more. The company has an exciting future in the world of EV’s, having already powered more than 325 million electric miles to date, we are excited to see what is yet to come from EVgo.