Coventry University is aiding 1,200 Jaguar Land Rover engineers learn key electric vehicle development skills and will drive the company through new bespoke forces. 

As the company grows into its all-electric future, it is looking for its workforce to develop systems underpinning electric vehicles through a pilot training scheme delivered by the university 

This pilot has led the way for the university to continue its training courses for more than a thousand workers from January 2023. 

Coventry University first partnered with North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College (NWSLC), JLR Academy and JLR Powertrain to create and deliver a ‘fundamental’ course and an ‘intermediate’ course tailored to the engineers being trained. 

After the success of this pilot, the university and NWSLC worked together to deliver these courses from January 2023 aiming to have all JLR’s engineers fully trained over the next two-and-a-half years. 

The courses aim to help JLR specify Battery Electric Vehicle components, perform Verification and Validation activities and integrate High Voltage  components and systems into complete electric vehicles. 

JLR propulsion experts and the JLR Academy have contributed to course content, tailoring it to JLR’s needs, reviewing content created by Coventry University, all facilitated by the JLR Learning & Development Academy. 

Coventry University is also finalising an advanced course which would see engineers earn a degree-level qualification, as well as developing a new course about hydrogen powertrains.