Michael Johnson, Zoomo‘s Co-Founder, announced last Thursday at MOVE 2023 that Zoomo will be entering a new partnership with EAV.

Zoomo, the last-mile electric fleet solutions provider, are joining forces with EAV, a sustainable urban transport solutions provider, to further expand its vehicle offerings available on the Zoomo platform. This partnership marries EAV’s hardware with Zoomo’s global reach and telematically enabled software.

The announcement supports both Zoomo and EAV’s shared vision of putting more light electric vehicles (LEVs) on the roads.

Michael Johnson, Co-Founder and CRO, Zoomo, said:

“We are bringing the vehicle leasing model from the automotive space to light electric vehicles. By integrating different vehicle types into our platform, like EAV e-cargo bikes, with leasing, servicing and telematically enabled software solutions, we are able to provide customers in urban logistics with a one-stop solution for all their delivery fleet needs.”


“EAV’s cargo bikes are highly innovative and will enable us to offer more efficient and sustainable fleet solutions to our customers in existing and new segments, like parcel delivery.”

Urban logistics today faces the combined challenges of congestion, lack of parking, and toxic emissions. These challenges have led customers to seek alternative vehicle solutions that can slot into their current systems. As a result, there is a growing need for a variety of sustainable vehicles to meet the demands of the sector.

The EAV, with its 2m3 of cargo space, has the potential to replace the millions of vans causing city congestion. EAV’s cargo bikes are one of the largest on the market, with a cargo volume of 2,000 litres and a 150kg payload. They are built to navigate through urban landscapes and enable customers to make more deliveries in a shorter amount of time via cycle lane access and safe navigation in pedestrianised spaces.

Adam Barmby, Founder and CEO, EAV, said:

“This partnership maximises our complementary expertise – with Zoomo’s servicing, financing and software making the switch to light electric vehicles a simple step for our shared customers.


“Meanwhile, we will continue to ensure every single vehicle meets the highest specifications for build and rider-experience, as we innovate on solutions which further reduce the cost and the emissions impact of urban logistics.”


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