Hyundai Mobis has partnered with Germany’s Vector Group for the joint development of an AUTOSAR-based software platform. AUTOSAR was founded in 2003 and is a development partnership of automotive interested parties. Vector is a premium member of Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) which endorses global standards for automotive software. 

Vector is currently supplying software to major global automakers and part makers in Europe and North America. The agreement between both companies expects to maximise the competitiveness of automotive software in the global automobile market.  

As a premium member of AUTOSAR, Hyundai Mobis will be able to share the rich knowledge of Vector involved in the production of industry standard platforms. Vector will be able to expand its software platform users based on Hyundai Mobis’ product portfolio.  

Initially, the two companies plan to install co-developed software in core auto components related to parking systems, autonomous driving sensors, infotainment systems and electrified parts. However, this list is expected to continually grow as the deal progresses.  

Hyundai Mobis has said in a statement: “As software platforms have become a critical component in defining competitiveness in vehicle manufacturing, global automakers are now requiring their automotive suppliers to adopt AUTOSAR-based software platforms with proven quality and versatility” 

Hyundai Mobis senior vice president Jae-ho Jang has also released a statement: “This will enhance our software competitiveness and quality reliability in the global automotive industry and also guide us towards becoming a leader in the mobility software industry”. 

For Hyundai Mobis, this partnership is only the beginning of long-term partnerships with major software companies that have elemental technologies for automated driving. The first of these partnerships is most likely to be in the areas of automotive communication solutions and autonomous driving sensors.