Photo: JUXTA

JUXTA is launching an autonomously operated JUXTA Nomad retail store at electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for drivers to past the time whilst charging their vehicles.

The store aims to support customers in the rapidly expanding EV charging sector and can be fully installed and operational within 12 hours.

JUXTA is a US-based corporate start-up formed in 2022 by Vontier, a global industrial technology company, which also incorporates Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a global supplier of fuelling and convenience store equipment.

Om Shankar, JUXTA Co-founder and CEO, said:

“Our mission is to support station operators transitioning from traditional hydrocarbon fuel stations to EV charging points and collaborate with established retail brands to extend their presence beyond fuel pumps by adding value to the charging station experience and driving top-line growth.


“EV players have always known that they have to solve the retail challenge on their sites, but until now, there has been no immediate solution – JUXTA provides that solution. The JUXTA Nomad is the world’s most technologically advanced walk-in vending machine. All our customers need to do is take delivery, connect to electricity power, stock the shelves, cut the ribbon and then walk away, leaving the Nomad to start retailing immediately.”

The fully autonomous nature of the JUXTA Nomad removes operator dependency on fixed human labor, eradicating the challenge of finding and retaining staff that currently blight the retail sector.

While waiting for their vehicles to charge, drivers and passengers can enjoy the ultimate quick and convenient retail experience. With no need to download an app or register for membership, shoppers can gain instant access to the JUXTA Nomad with the touch of a debit or credit card.

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