Opibus, the Swedish-Kenyan technology company that develops, designs, and manufactures electric vehicles in Africa, has changed its name to Roam Motors to match a strategic shift in vision.

The new name is intended to reflect the company’s ambition, beyond buses, to electrify Africa’s transportation sector, “as well as its grand ambition to deliver disruptive technologies optimised for the local use case all over the continent,” the company said in a statement.

Founded in 2017, it has become the first company to deliver locally produced electric motorcycles and electric buses and is internationally recognised as one of the companies leading the transition to sustainable transport in Africa.

“This is more than a name change, it’s a milestone that brings us closer to realising our ambition as leaders in providing electric mobility solutions and energy systems for the African region. It is exciting to see how far we have come and forging forward, it is even more thrilling seeing there are endless possibilities to what we can achieve in Africa,” said Filip Lövström, CEO, ROAM.

The company’s focus will be to scale-up deployment of its core activities in electric vehicles and energy system solutions including Roam Motorcycles, Roam Transit (buses), Roam Energy, Charging and Muse (which provides electric conversions for legacy vehicles in the Mining, Utility, and Safari segments), which together “create a circular and sustainable ecosystem solution for the transport sector”.