Lyft will be relaunching Lyft Green. This feature will allow riders to request an electric or hybrid vehicle for their next pickup.  

The service will initially only be available to business travelers in select cities when it begins April 17. Lyft originally launched the service back in 2019 with plans of expansion but it was rolled back in 2021. 

Lyft Green is in line with the company’s goal to reach 100% electric vehicles on its platform by 2030. The company hopes that the new feature will be more popular than it was back in 2019 and now we have more EVs, its launch and expansion will be possible.  

It has been reported that Lyft Green rides will cost $1 more than standard rides and this will be split between the driver and Lyft. 

Lyft Green will initially be available to business travelers and will be available in Portland, and will expand into 14 markets including San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Boston, New York City, Chicago, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Austin, Denver, Orange County, Sacramento and Phoenix. As the company improves the service, it expects to open the service up beyond just business travelers.