Picture: SK ie Technology

SK IE Technology has announced today that it plans to enter both the Southeast Asian and North American markets by cooperating with Vingroup. 

SKIET supplies separators to a wide portfolio of battery manufacturers globally, including SK On, another subsidiary of SK Innovation. 

The battery material maker is expected to gain more momentum in its global market penetration by looking into ways to cooperate with Vingroup, which is based in the fast-growing Vietnamese market. 

SKIET and VinES have recently signed an MOU including the section on the prioritized provision of SKIET’s separators for EV batteries of VinES, which will be produced in Vietnam and the United States. The visit has been made in order to fine-tune the specifics of the business. 

Recently, VinFast has been aiming to expand its business globally and this is shown in its plans to stop producing internal combustion engines all together and go fully electric. 

VinFast proceeds with vigor into global market penetration as it officializes its plans to enter the US market. The Vietnamese company officially announced its plan to invest USD 2 billion (approx. KRW 2.6 trillion) in the manufacturing plant in North Carolina, US. The company aims to produce 150,000 EVs annually, including the production in its US manufacturing plant, which will come into operation in July 2024. 

Roh Jae-sok, CEO of SKIET, said, “We are excited to have the opportunity to discuss the cooperation with the leading company in Vietnam, one of the fastest growing EV markets.” 

“We will enhance the cooperation between two companies through exploring business opportunities, including the separators, by promoting our outstanding technology and safety excellence.” 

Pham Thuy Linh, CEO of VinES, has also commented saying: “Vingroup and SK Group have maintained trust in our relationship for years, and both companies have built capabilities. And the efforts are now paying off.”  

“We have great trust in SKIET’s capabilities and know-hows. We hope that SKIET and VinES can continue a strong cooperative relationship.”

SKIET leads the world’s premium wet-laid separator market. Using the sequential stretching method, the company is able to implement a uniformly high quality while freely adjusting the thickness of the separator.  

The method brings benefits in terms of productivity and production cost. SKIET was the first in the world to develop such technology. The company has production plants in South Korea, China, and Poland.