Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, is procuring 46 electric buses from New Flyer. The Xcelsior Charge NG are articulated since they measure 60 feet (about 18 metres), and the US government has funded the order as part of a more extensive rapid transit system, said the company’s release. 

Metro Transit will deploy the New Flyer buses on its new East-West Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) in Madison, which is expected to be operational in 2024, according to the announcement from New Flyer parent company NFI Group. 

“Metro Transit is excited to partner with New Flyer to help make our ambitious BRT plans a reality,” said Justin Stuehrenberg, General Manager of Metro Transit. “New Flyer’s track record of innovation, quality products, and on-time delivery give us complete confidence that they will be a trustworthy partner for the largest infrastructure project the City of Madison has ever undertaken.” 

The Metro Transit electric buses will have a battery power of 410kWh and the company have additionally listed an advanced protective battery packaging for easy installation and simpler serviceability and a new lightweight electric traction drive system with up to 90% energy recovery, among the benefits of the Xcelsior Charge NG introduced in 2021. 

Chris Stoddart, President North American Bus and Coach at NFI, added, “These 60-foot Charge NG buses will immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions, delivering cleaner, more sustainable mobility all while providing faster, high-capacity transportation to the City of Madison community.” 

NFI electric vehicles are currently operational in more than 120 cities in six countries. 

Source and picture: New Flyer