Mazda has recently announced an investment of $10.6 billion to electrify its lineup if vehicles by 2030. The company aims for EVs to account for 15-40% of its total sales by the beginning of the next decade.  

Previously, the company’s EV sales estimate was roughly 25% of sales by 2030. Mazda has been slow to introduce EVs as it continues to expect hybrid cars to aid emission reduction.  

Mazda is following a multi-solution approach to boost its electromobility capabilities. Prior to the announcement, Mazda inked an agreement with battery maker Envision AESC to procure batteries for EVs produced in Japan. 

The company will introduce battery EV models in the second half of phase 2, which will be sometime between 2025 and 2027. It then plans to do a full-scale launch of its all-electric vehicles between 2028 and 2030. 

The investment plans are to be made along with Mazda partners and utlised for research and development. 

Mazda’s collaboration with its main suppliers, such as Hiroshima Aluminum Industry, Imasen Electric, Ondo Corporation and HIROTEC Corporation, augurs well for the long-term growth of the company as well as the industry. 

Mazda’s efforts in procuring and securing batteries to expedite its electrification initiatives are noteworthy. 

Information from: Yahoo