Vertical take off aircraft developer Craft Aerospace has rebranded as Odys Aviation and secured funding of $12.4 million.

The company is developing a VTOL aircraft with novel “flap-based lifting technology” which it says offers a “simple transition to lofted flight and more efficient cruise”. Odys is planning to use the funding in part to demonstrate a single seat prototype later this year.

At full scale, the aircraft will theoretically carry nine passengers and two pilots. It will fly at altitudes of 10km, speeds up to 500km/h and a range of around 1600km.

Odys says it is building an aircraft that reduces CO2 by up to 80% while eliminating travel pain. “Beyond and distinct from air taxis, our range covers 65% of domestic flights, and we’re proud to be getting so much traction with airlines so soon after inception.”

In terms of land-based infrastructure Odys is working with Mojave Air and Space Port and, says co-founder and CEO James Dorri, “Integration at smaller airports is already very practical. We have collaborated with two vertiport developers to ensure our aircraft can practically land at their facilities, and we’re also in discussion with one of the US’s largest airports to assess airspace integration issues.”

Odys describes its founders as “electric propulsion and automotive manufacturing experts who have spent their careers electrifying transportation systems at Virgin Hyperloop, GoogleX, Volvo, and Fisker Automotive.”

The company expects to receive type certification in 2026. “Airlines flying Odys Aviation will unlock new market opportunities and a superior travel experience via new point-to-point routes,” says Axel Radermacher, co-founder and Head of Product.

“Additionally, they will strengthen their existing networks by broadening the catch basin of existing hubs and airports. We are designing the aircraft with input from major airlines to make sure we are a good fit for their operations.