Picture: Razor

Razor, the scooter company, is expanding its line of adult electric scooters. The company has launched a new seated electric scooter that is designed to carry cargo, or even another passenger on the back. 

“The electric scooter market has experienced double-digit growth over the past few years, which means that there is a more diverse group of riders looking for a variety of options to accommodate their different needs,” Josh Shave, Razor’s senior director of brand marketing, told TechCrunch.  

“The EcoSmart cargo was meant to be a stylish, highly versatile electric scooter option that can be utilized in a number of ways, making it easier than ever for scooter users to get from point A to point B, even with extra cargo or an additional passenger.” 

The EcoSmart Cargo is Razor’s latest attempt to tap the growing adult e-scooter market. The compact e-scooter market accounted for about $627 million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $806 million by 2032, driven by influences like the mainstreaming of e-scooters by shared micromobility companies and the increased cost of gas causing commuters to seek cheaper and greener forms of transit. 

Razor has usually marketed its scooters to children, having recently launched the C35, a standard $500-ish scooter for older children that can hit top speeds of 18 miles per hour and just as many miles of range. 

Razor has also announced the Razor Icon which is said to be available in September. The Icon is the original Razor scooter, electrified, made for adults and available in blue, pink, red or black. 

The EcoSmart Cargo is similar to a utility vehicle with a wide floor base, an adjustable seat and convertible rack system that will let riders choose between a passenger seat with a small built-in storage compartment, a basket or a customisable rack. The scooter’s max weight capacity is 300 pounds.  

The scooter has a 1,000-watt motor and chain drivetrain that helps it reach speeds of up to about 20 miles per hour, with a range of 16.6 miles. And with some solid 16-inch wheels with wide pneumatic tires, that ride will be very smooth, according to Razor. Other features included in the cargo scooter include bright LED headlight and tail and brake lights, and an onboard display for speed and battery life.