Picture: Solo AVT

Solo Advanced Vehicle Technology (Solo AVT) have just revealed the design of its futuristic SD1 electric truck. The truck is intended to have a driving range of more than 500 miles due to it being a long-haul battery-electric Class 8 truck and will be built specifically for autonomous driving.  

According to Solo AVT, the design has the lowest drag coefficient of any Class 8 truck on the road due to removing the human onboard and the active aerodynamics. Along with other elements such as low-rolling resistance tires, the truck is expected to be highly efficient.  

The truck offers a peak power output of 600kW and is powered by multi-speed tandem axles with integrated electric motors. Solo AVT emphasises the full aerospace-level system redundancy for autonomous operation, combined with exterior lighting to alert pedestrians and other road users to a unique sound signature.  

With regards to fast charging, the vehicle will be compatible with existing standard trailers and all standard loading docks- assumably the current CCS and the future high-power Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for trucks.  

The new Solo AVT SD1 is a new and innovative design that puts itself above other trucks as it has the fully autonomous element that others do not, which creates untouched territory for Solo AVT to fall into.