The city of Stuttgart, Germany has launched a cargo bike rental service which will target households with lower incomes. The city made a statement claiming that electric bikes can replace cars for some, as they offer ample cargo space, and secure seating for children.  

The city, additionally, will provide a total of 60 electric cargo bikes, 30 of which are already available. The second half is said to come into Stuttgart’s inventory in February 2023. 

The bikes will be available through a long-term rental scheme with prices determined by the household’s income.

According to officials, buying an electric cargo bike is just not affordable for many households, and therefore, see this as a mobility social offer. 

The bikes can only be rented through a long-term agreement with Stuttgart, that will last a minimum of six months. After the initial six months, the rental agreement can be terminated on a month-by-month basis. 

A bike could be priced as low as 20 euros per month, and they can also feature a large transport box that can be fitted with chairs and seatbelts with contact points, making them a perfect option for getting children where they need to go.