VinFast and The IMA Group have announced a new collaboration to provide roadside assistance for VinFast customers in Europe.  

VinFast has demonstrated its commitment to providing its customers with peace of mind by establishing a comprehensive service system ahead of vehicle delivery. This will provide a seamless experience throughout their electric vehicle ownership.  

The partnership is said to have a term of 3 years and covers a wide range of services including phone-fix, on the spot repairs, vehicle towing, repatriation home, pet repatriation, journey pursuit, waiting on site for repairs, vehicle recovery, and replacement vehicle. 

VinFast customers in Europe will be able to get 24/7 roadside assistance via phone call or VinFast app on smartphone wherever they are. The company has said that they will be provided with vehicle services, reports and payments, transportation arrangements for drivers and pets, pickup services, bringing them peace-of-mind on every journey. 

Ms. Ho Thanh Huong, CEO of VinFast in Europe shared: “The partnership with IMA is VinFast’s strong commitment to providing European customers with a seamless experience throughout their electric vehicle ownership journeys. We strongly believe the extensive network and comprehensive services of IMA will provide VinFast customers with assurance and convenience on their transition to electric mobility.” 

VinFast has recently announced the opening of the first 2 stores in Cologne and Paris as a starting point for its European retail store network. 

Mr. David Pino, CEO of IMA Group said: “We are proud to have been appointed by VinFast. The partnership with VinFast supports our strategy to serve low-carbon mobility. As a pioneer and leader in electric vehicle assistance in France, the IMA Group will be committed to offering its services to VinFast’s customers for their peace-of-mind and convenience on every journey.” 

The partnerships aims to reflect VinFast’s customer-centric philosophy and the commitment to making electric vehicles attainable, safe, seamless and convenient for everyone during the whole ownership experience.