ZipCharge has launched a quickly deployable portable electric vehicle charging solution that makes its suitcase-sized Go power banks easily available at any location.

Called GoHub, each hub contains either five or 10 portable chargers that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Designed for top up charging, the 4-kWh batteries provide a typical EV with 30 km of range in 30 minutes.

EV drivers reserve and pay for a power bank using the ZipCharge app, then collect the charger from the hub and wheel it to their vehicle, wherever they’ve parked.

ZipCharge says the ability to roll-out chargers at speed, and at a lower cost than traditional units, will help support EV uptake. Furthermore, it says they can be readily deployed in more rural areas that are currently underserved by charge points.

Jonathan Carrier, ZipCharge co-founder, said, “The ZipCharge Go and the GoHub enable the storage of clean energy, which can then be distributed for a multitude of uses from charging an EV to powering equipment.

“We predict our portable power banks will outsell fixed home chargers by 2030, in the same way mobile phones overtook landlines.”

ZipCharge offers the GoHub with optional upgrades including rainwater harvesting, wi-fi hotspot, mobile device charging, green roofs and renewable energy generation. Connectors can also be installed for e-bikes and e-scooters.

ZipCharge co-founder Jonathan Carrier is speaking at MOVE in London on 15/16 June. With over 600 speakers across 33 themed stages MOVE is the world’s most important mobility event. Find further details here