Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a huge funding package for transport projects, which will see $14.9 billion spent over the next eight years.

This figure includes $5.9 billion for “shovel ready” projects, with the remainder will be used to create an on-going transport fund of $3 billion per year.

Trudeau said, “We need efficient and modern public transit systems that make our communities more connected” … and “While these investments are good for the economy and crucial to our recovery from this global crisis, they’re also helping us achieve our climate goals.”

Don Iveson, who chairs the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, said: “Permanent transit funding offers cities long-term predictability to finally be able to deliver transformational system expansion and drive durable economic growth across our country.

“The recovery support here can be massive. It can be the centrepiece of the job-creating, emissions-reducing recovery that Canadians are looking for.”

Toronto mayor John Tory added, “Our share of this investment will mean transit expansion, transit vehicles and other system upgrades, jobs and a greener city.”