Picture: Lightning eMotors

Lightning eMotors has announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with GoBolt — a technology-led, customer-centric sustainable logistics provider — to manufacture 170 all-electric cargo vans and box trucks over the next 12 months. These vehicles will be deployed across the U.S. and Canada. 

As part of this agreement, Lightning eMotors will deliver 70 Class 3 zero-emission, all-electric cargo vans and 100 Class 5 zero-emission, all-electric box trucks.  

Deployment of the Class 3 vans is already underway. The fleet will feature a mix of 80kWh and 120kWh battery capacity vans with an expected range of up to 200 miles per charge. Development of the Class 5 box trucks is in progress, with deliveries aiming to begin early next year. 

GoBolt has recently announced its expansion into the U.S., positioning the company to reach 12.75 million additional households with a simplified, customer-centric, and sustainable approach to vertical supply chain integration. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about our strategic partnership with GoBolt, and that it comes as they are rapidly expanding into the U.S. market,” said Lightning eMotors’ CEO Tim Reeser. 

“We have seen a huge uptick in interest from the supply chain and last- and middle-mile fulfillment industries and applaud GoBolt’s commitment to sustainable logistics services. We look forward to continuing this journey of growth with them.” 

Lightning was selected by GoBolt as its high-volume commercial partner after testing and evaluating several commercial medium-duty EVs on the market and also after visiting Lightning’s manufacturing facility in Colorado. Lighntings mature and active production facility stood apart when compared with other EV companies relative to advanced technology integration, efficiency, and volume of new and repowered vehicles in production. 

“This partnership is an important development of our growing North American network of zero-emission delivery vehicles and brings GoBolt one step closer to being a carbon-negative business by the end of 2023,” said GoBolt’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Mark Ang.  

“Lightning shares the same entrepreneurial DNA as GoBolt and has demonstrated the drive to challenge the status quo in an industry that is in need of disruption.” 

Lighting has been providing Class 3-7 zero-emission, all-electric commercial vehicles to customers for more than four years.  

More than 300 of these zero-emission fleet vehicles have racked up over 2,500,000 all-electric miles as market demand has continued to increase.  

In total, Lightning vehicles have accumulated over 6 million low- or zero-emission, real world fleet miles. 

 Lightning offers a wide range of all-electric vehicles to customers across more vehicle classes than its competitors and has announced development of its own Lightning e-Chassis for deployment next year.