The Seoul Metrpolitan Government have announced that it will be deploying drones to inspect the roofs of Korean traditional houses known as “hanok”.  

The drones will be used to photograph roofs from all angles whereas previously people would have had to physically climb onto the roofs.  

Checkups are essential to prevent water leaks from both inside and outside of the house. The photographs taken by drones from various angles will assist residents in locating the sources of problems and finding ways to repair them. 

This public service will be beneficial not only to the technicians on the job, but also hanok homeowners who need domestic repairs for issues such as roof leaks as the collected aerial photograph data taken from various angles will be able to accurately identify problems and provide a thorough diagnosis of the condition inside the house and on the roof, said the release. 

Starting this year, the city will make this drone inspection service available to any hanok homeowner who files a request via the Seoul Hanok Support Center (online/offline) for roof leaks and other problems. 

The city has more than 50% of inspection requests related to roof tiles, it is expected that this drone inspection service will serve as an opportunity to drastically improve the maintenance of hanok buildings in Seoul. 

Press release and picture: Seoul Metropolitan Government