Siemens has launched its eMobility Partner Ecosystem to increase accessibility of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and financing solutions to new and expanding markets including workplaces, retail spaces, multi-unit dwellings, residential developments and utility programs.

More than a dozen EV technology and services companies have already joined the partner program which will enable customers to access Siemens’ catalogue of chargers, software and financial solutions, while maintaining the ability to choose from a variety of installers and network service providers.

“With this program, Siemens is integrating a broad and talented suite of partners that will enable and accelerate the transportation electrification market,” said John DeBoer, head of Siemens eMobility Solutions and Future Grid Business in North America. “Relying on initiatives like this ecosystem approach is an integral step in the right direction in our journey as a country and around the world to achieve a truly accessible and equitable EV future.”

The Siemens eMobility Partner Ecosystem spans multiple participants involved in electrifying transportation including Electric Vehicle Service Providers (EVSPs), like EvGateway, who install and operate chargers at workplaces, retailers, and other sites, providing managed network services for site owners and the EV drivers using their facilities.

Other partners include installers and project developers who focus on the design and installation of EV charging facilities ranging from large truck and bus depots down to groups of Level 2 chargers at multi-family dwellings.

The initial partnership is completed with EV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), whose customers want to buy an integrated package of charging equipment, and technology platforms like that work with utilities to charge EVs at the best times for the grid.

Nick Woolley, CEO of said, “With Siemens we share a common mission to achieve an accessible and equitable EV future. By working together, we will deliver a market-leading charging solution that accelerates the decarbonization of transport.”