Brightline Rail, a privately run inter-city rail service in Florida, is launching Brightline+, a seamless Rail-orientated Mobility as a Service (MaaS) package that enables the planning, purchase, and fulfilment of door-to-door journeys across its high-speed rail network connecting Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and soon to be Orlando.

Brightline+ is underpinned by Iomob’s open mobility on demand and journey planner platform which “supercharges” the existing Brightline app.

The deployment, says Spain-based Iomob, is a milestone for a number of reasons – it is the first of its kind in the US and is a testament to Brightline’s ambition of bringing high-speed rail, as an attractive alternative to the car, to Florida and beyond.

It also demonstrates the potential impact on the local economy in and around Miami, making it an interesting test case for MaaS globally. Miami Mayor, Frances Suarez said in a recent statement, “the debut of Brightline+ is a key component to transforming Miami into a major technology hub in the US,” and “with this new innovation in transportation, we are connecting Miami like never before, providing endless business opportunities for the entire region of South Florida.”

Iomob’s “open and interoperable marketplace” seamlessly combines rail journeys with electric shuttle services, taxis, bikes, scooters, buses and metro in one app user experience designed to make the mobility easier and more attractive.

In addition to supporting an “easier commute”, Brightline’s integrated offer is symbolic of a new wave of business and leisure travel. With upwards of 70% of US citizens commuting by single occupancy cars even before the pandemic, the potential for a seamless experience which supports the customer from the moment they leave their house to the moment they arrive at the office, Brightline+ will be seriously disruptive to the living and working lives of South Floridians.

Iomob’s approach is to “supercharge” the apps and platforms of our clients… “We boast an agnostic approach, meaning our technology can be used in multiple apps by multiple clients in a single region, city, or country. Moreover with more than eight modes, 7000 providers, and 270 cities (and growing), the Iomob platform can serve a wide geographic audience with unmatched depth of services.

“With Brightline+, Iomob is proud to be powering a door-to-door solution which can have great impact on the surrounding businesses and communities. We are excited to see many of the above possibilities come to fruition in the South Florida area and are thrilled to have seen such support from local business thus far.”