The U.S Transportation Department plans to announce that it is awarding $94.8 million to 59 projects on advanced technology to boost road safety, improve transit reliability and use drones and sensors for transportation projects.  

Back in 2021, the $1 trillion infrastructure law will dedicate $500 million over five years for Smart mobility projects.  

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the grants would “foster innovations that improve people’s day-to-day lives, making transportation safer, more reliable, more efficient, and more sustainable.” 

Under the grant, Detroit is getting $2 million for sensors to create smart intersections by using existing traffic cameras to deploy artificial intelligence software solutions to reduce and prevent traffic accidents. 

New Jersey will be receiving $2 million for sensors to address wrong way driving events and New York will be receiving $2 million for an app that will aid the visually impaired customers to safely use the New York Subway and bus routes.  

Additionally, LA will receive $2 million to integrate transit trip planning with event planning for major events such as the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic games.  

Cleveland, Ohio will get $1.8 million for smart traffic signals to provide the right of way to emergency vehicles, and Harris County, Texas is receiving $2 million for sensors for a new flood warning system. 

Three tribal nations in North Dakota are receiving $2 million for drone technology for medical care and equipment deliveries, while a project to use drones to deliver medical supplies in Virginia’s Eastern Shore will get $1.9 million. 

Lastly, Massachusetts will get $2 million to use drones and sensors to analyse road infrastructure.  

Source and original article: Reuters