Bolt and Buzzz Electric’s Carver are introducing a new and electric compact vehicle that will be available on Malta’s roads starting today. 

The three-wheeled vehicle has a range of 100km and can move easily through narrow streets. The vehicle will be available to riders through the Bolt app as a ‘traffic buster’ category. The companies have said that this will offer a solution to Malta’s growing traffic and pollution problems. 

“Our goal is to offer our customers the best use-case for every purpose a personal car serves,” said Ryan Mahoney, Country Manager of Bolt Ridehailing in Malta. “With this new category, Bolt will cater to single passengers with cheaper and quicker rides, all while being 100% electric.” 

The new vehicles are no more than a meter wide. They are equipped with a steering wheel, seatbelts, and a patented tilting mechanism.  

They can seat two passengers, with additional storage space, and are enclosed vehicles that transform into convertibles during the summer months. 

Anton Rosier, CEO of Carver, said that Bolt is examining the best option for Malta in terms of mobility, “and that’s where the Carver comes in”. 

“It’s ideal for filtering through traffic and making towns and cities more liveable and accessible.” 

All Carver drivers have received the necessary training to drive the vehicle in Malta’s streets.