Picture: EvoCharge

EvoCharge has announced its partnership with AmpUp to offer simple, convenient charging options for electric vehicle drivers, charging station owners and fleet managers. AmpUp’s innovative software allows individuals, organisations, and fleet operators to monitor and manage their EV charging infrastructure to simplify charging schedules and optimize energy consumption.  

EvoCharge and AmpUp’s preconfigured charging stations provide customers with a turnkey solution, valuable up-time, and a cost-effective charging station setup. 

This solution provides users with real-time analytics, monthly reporting, user management and payment controls. EvoCharge Level 2 charging stations with AmpUp software are available through EvoCharge and electrical distributors nationwide.  

The new partnership follows early success from AmpUp’s award-winning Community Manager solution, which has served workplaces, universities, multi-unit dwellings, retail, municipalities, and light-duty fleets to date.  

AmpUp’s charging network powered over 340,000 electric miles in 2021, an estimated 142 metric tons of CO2 saved. The company’s software is used by several Fortune 500 companies across North America. 

“The AmpUp partnership offers a unique opportunity for stocking and distribution of commercial units preconfigured and tested to run on the AmpUp network. “We are delighted to further deliver on our go-to-market strategy with AmpUp.” said Manish Virmani, vice president of sales and marketing for EvoCharge and its 102-year-old parent company, Phillips and Temro.  

The partnership directly contributes to our goal of putting reliable and simple charging solutions in the hands of new station owners across North America,” said Tom Sun, CEO & co-founder of AmpUp.