Trucking journalist Jan Burgdorf has put a Volvo FH Electric truck through its paces on an independent test using Germany’s Green Truck Route, a 343 km long route that includes a variety of motorways, hilly terrains, and tighter roads that is used for testing different manufacturer’s trucks in a wide range of conditions.

Acccording to a press release from Volvo, the 40 tonne gross weight fully loaded zero-exhaust emission vehicle exceeded its official range and used 50% less energy than its diesel counterpart.

During the Green Truck Route tests, the Volvo achieved an average speed of 80 km/h across the whole route and used 50% less energy than a Volvo FH with a comparable diesel engine.

“The electric driveline is very efficient, making the all-electric truck a very powerful tool for reducing CO2 emissions,” comments Tobias Bergman, Press Test Director at Volvo Trucks.

“And based on the energy consumption of 1.1 kWh/km, the electric truck had a total range of 345 km on one charge,” he adds.

“These test results show that it is possible to drive up to 500 km during a regular work-day, with a short stop for charging, for example during lunch time,” explains Tobias Bergman.

And according to the driver, German journalist Burgdorf observed, “I have to say, when driving this truck it is as agile, or even more agile, than a diesel truck. Drivers will be very surprised about how easy it is to drive, how quiet it is and how well it responds.”

Volvo Trucks’ goal is that electric vehicles will account for half of its truck sales in 2030 and by 2040 will have achieved 100% well-to-wheel based CO2-reduction for new trucks sold.